Whoever wants to master work and advance in himself must acquire work skills and practice until they reach the highest levels of mastery over time.

Cadillac unveils the family beast

The all-new Escalade V, a luxury family car, brings together the latest specifications of modern technology, with the utmost precision

Omani wheat harvest season

In one of the most important Omani harvest seasons, more than 200 tons of Omani wheat are produced
It is a profession inherited from father to grandfather.

Harvest season of green mountain roses

One of the most important Omani harvest seasons in Al Jabal Al Akhdar is one of the oldest.

Al-Shara Mills and Dates, provides you with the finest types of green mountain rose water

The first Lamborghini Technica in Oman

Huracán Tecnica), the next generation V10-engined, rear-wheel-drive car developed for drivers who want to enjoy exciting driving and complete their privileged lifestyle.